Glenn Cavarlé

Ph.D Student / Software Engineer

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I'm a a Ph.D student at the University of Brest (France), a research engineer at Libre-Informatique and a freelance developer. I'm working under the supervision of Dr. Alain Plantec, at Lab-STICC.

My main research interests lie in the area of Model-Driven Engineering with a focus on dynamic environments for software prototyping. My specific research goals include GUI prototyping and software assessment in the context of multi-platform development.

I'm also a contributor to Pharo, a Smalltalk-inspired programming language and environment. I'm one of the team leaders of the Bloc & Brick projects, the new GUI infrastructure and framework for Pharo.

# Education..

Ph.D, Computer Science — UBO
Keywords: Model-Driven Engineering, Software Prototyping, Multi-Platform

Master IUP — UBO
«Technologies de l'information et Ingénierie du logiciel»
Fifth year of univ. studies in software engineering and information tech.

Licence IUP — UBO
«Ingénierie Informatique»
3 years university degree in software engineering

Licence Professionelle — INSSET
«Web Développeur»
3 years professional degree in web technologies

«Technicien des Médias Interactifs et Communicants»
2 years technical degree in information and communication technologies

# Publications..

Dynamic Round-Trip Engineering in the context of FOMDD

International Workshop on Smalltalk Technologies
Prague, Czech Republic, Aug 2016

Lub: a DSL for Dynamic Context Oriented Programming

International Workshop on Smalltalk Technologies
Prague, Czech Republic, Aug 2016

Towards agile cross-platform application development
with Smalltalk and Model Driven Engineering
International Workshop on Smalltalk Technologies
Cambridge, United Kingdom, Aug 2014

# Work Experience..

Research Engineer - R&D team

Lead Software Engineer - Web & Mobile division

Technical expert & manager in the Web & Mobile division.

Freelance Engineer & web host provider

Software engineering consulting and web hosting.
Technical support and system administration.

Junior Software Engineer - work-linked training

Continuation of the project started in training. Research / development of a WebOS solution to monitor the repair activities of the «Customer Support Service» division.

Web Developer - Internship

Development of a solution for operating data from the ERP SAP R3, for decision support and for the monitoring of repair activities of the «Customer Support Service» division.

Freelance Web Developer and subcontractor

Web development for "Matech Sécurité"". Development of a content management system to manage "AA Microwave Component Systems" catalogs.

Web Developer - Internship

Prototyping of an intranet solution and administrative tools.

Web Developer - Tutored Project

Migration and redesign of a internships offers management system.

Web Developer - Internship

Development of a monitoring and reporting platform for data servers in the Computer Maintenance division of the West-CRNA (Air Navigation Service Center).

Web Developer - Tutored Project

Development of the website and the content management for the Faculty of Literature and Human Science.

# Web & Mobile Skills..

Front-End Development
(Angular, ExtJS, Bootstrap, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3/Less/SASS, ...)

Back-End Development
(PHP, ZendFramework, Symfony, NodeJS, Express, ...)

Hybrid Mobile Development
(Ionic, Cordova, ...)

Native Mobile Development
(Android SDK & iOS SDK)

Web Tools & Automotion
(NPM, Bower, Grunt, Gulp, Webpack, Browserify, ...)

# Desktop & System Skills..

(Pharo & VisualWorks)

(SE, FX, EE)

C / C++
(SDL, GTK, Qt)

(Debian, macOS, Fedora, MS Windows)

(MongoDB, MySQL, PosgreSQL)

Server Admin
(Apache2, nginx, ISPConfig, Fail2Ban, Bind9, postfix, ...)

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